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The sweetest dumbo octopi (with their little flappy ears!) and their starfish and sea snail friends! In both pink and yellow, whatever you'd like. This sticker sheet is approximately 4x6inches and has more than 15 stickers. Aw :')

Dumbo Octopus

  • 🌱RECYCLED matte (water sensitive) sticker paper—perfect for your bullet journals, planners, and other places that you keep safe from water! Due to its recycled nature, some minor imperfections like small dark spots may appear on your stickers, though these are very rare and do not impact the overall quality of the sticker. This is the most popular option.


    🌧WEATHERPROOF matte sticker paper, which is still perfect for journals and planners as well as other more water prone surfaces like laptops and water bottles! This sticker material is not waterproof, but more resilient to water damage. The texture of the paper is butter soft and the stickers are usually more bright and opaque. 

  • Artsocked Studio pushes for maximum sustainability and low waste throughout the entire process of creating, printing, and shipping stickers. Sticker paper is maximized in the production process--scrap sticker paper is cut into star confetti to put in orders. All shipments go out in a kraft, recycled paper envelope and all stickers are safely packaged without plastic. All packaging is compostable/recyclable. If you have any questions about artsocked’s procedures in being a eco-friendly sticker shop, feel free to send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible!

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